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Houses: Brawler ◐, Assist ◓, Gunner ◑, Swordfighter ◒

Advance Wars
Max Powers [personal profile] bluetanker [personal profile] needsmorebiceps [personal profile] tank_rockarms West 1

Chrono Trigger
Lucca Ashtear [personal profile] tempus_fixit West 1

Dangan Ronpa
Yasuhiro Hagakure [personal profile] crystal_ballin West 2

Gordon Freeman [personal profile] trustycrowbar West 1

Legend of Zelda
Skull Kid [personal profile] drawin_on_trees West 2

Megaman (Rock Light) [personal profile] megabuster East 1
Zero [personal profile] awakeningwill East 2

Blue [personal profile] travelingbelle East 2
Blue's Arcanine (Jock) [personal profile] flamedog [personal profile] flamejock East 1
Cyrus [personal profile] will_be_god West 2
Green Oak [personal profile] rivalappeared West 2
Green's Jolteon (Jolt) [personal profile] rivalthunderbolts West 1
Green's Venusaur (Bulba) [personal profile] rivalsolarbeam West 2
Jon Talbain's Charizard (Riwane) [personal profile] blazebottom [personal profile] hometownchargal West 1
Oddish (Rio) [personal profile] moon_leaf West 2

Vivian [personal profile] idonthateyou East 1

Resident Evil
William 'Billy' Coen [personal profile] befantasizedabout East 1

Shantae [personal profile] magicdancer West 1

Sonic the Hedgehog
Blaze the Cat [personal profile] vela_nova West 1
Dr. Ivo Robotnik [personal profile] iamtheeggman East 1
Marine the Raccoon [personal profile] yournewcaptain East 2
Rouge the Bat [personal profile] sexyspybat West 1
Sonic the Hedgehog [personal profile] mach_n_roll West 1
Wave the Swallow [personal profile] babylonmechanic West 2

Super Mario Universe
Bowser [personal profile] bowbow [personal profile] ihateplumbers West 1
Madame Flurrie [personal profile] lovely_wind West 1
Princess Rosalina [personal profile] ladyoftheshootingstars West 1

Garrett [personal profile] itsjustrats East 1

Papyrus [personal profile] cool_skeleton_95 East 1

Valkyria Chronicles
Rene Randall [personal profile] garmentgoddess East 1

Ronnae 'Mash Belore Ryllos [personal profile] shiest_sunbeam East 2

Xenoblade Chronicles
Melia Antiqua [personal profile] birdlady West 2