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[community profile] smashrising takes place after the Moonpocalypse that ended the events of Smash Academy!

Note:  No prior knowledge or time spent at Smash Academy is required to join Smash Rising.

[community profile] smashrising is an RPG based on the Smash Brothers series of video games, but with a way bigger list of Brawlers available for play! If it's in a Video Game, it's Fair Game! There are Bi-Annual Tournaments and inter-house competitions to look forward to, exploration and slice of life elements, and an over-arching plot that will feature action, adventure, interaction with a myriad of game worlds, boss battles and more! Discover the secrets contained within the Mansion, the Isles, and the Multiverse itself. Sound fun?  Sure it does! So pick up your controller and get ready to SMASH!

The damage has been minimized, but not prevented; Mayor Tabuu has been MIA since the big event, and the ground has been slammed by a rain of debris from the shattered moon. It seems like the very foundation of the earth has been crumbled by the impact. Chunks of land seem to be suspended in the middle of an unfamiliar span of sky.

The sky-island everyone has awakened on doesn't seem familiar at first. Those especially in touch with the forest may recognize some of the trees in the area as those once growing deep within the woods. Not even the most in-touch souls, however, will recognize what lurks just past those trees:

An awesome mansion!

Well, maybe "awesome" is a bit strong. This strange building seems old, but intact. The inside is dusty, disused, and more than a little broken down. There doesn't seem to be any power, and there's no cell reception or wi-fi to speak of. There are electric lights all over the place, though, and empty outlets studding the walls, so even if the generator's out, there must be some way to get power.

The mansion itself does seem to be bigger on the inside; there are entire wings accessible that seem like they would make good dormitories, and rooms of various sizes that people could comfortably live in (once they're maybe fixed up a bit, of course). Oddly, someone seems to have had the same thought. A few of these rooms might display, in addition to upturned and dusty old furniture, a few important possessions that you might have thought lost in the disaster. An invention-in-progress, a weapon, a sentimental trinket from a trip you took one time...

Likely to everyone's relief, the mansion seems to have all the spaces you'd want for a comfortable quality of life. Nancy the lunch-bear seems to have survived, and is already investigating the large kitchen here. The gas seems to be working, so you can cook or light a candle or lantern here, and there's heating in the mansion. Unfortunately, aside from a few ancient tins whose labels have long since worn off, the pantry seems pretty empty. Foraging for food might be a good idea, unless you wanna play Canned Goods Roulette.

There's running water and indoor plumbing too. The living spaces in the dormitory wings seem to have their own bathrooms, and the back end of the mansion also houses a communal mixed bath. It's no trip to the hot springs, but at least it's guaranteed not to be cursed (probably).

Even without the power up just yet, you probably won't be bored. There are a few spacious rooms that look to be perfect common rooms or recreation spaces. Each dormitory wing has one, as well as a few rooms in the main area that could be easily adapted to whatever purpose. Want to use that dusty upright piano for a music room? Need a workshop for your inventions? Want to cram a dojo in here? Go for it! A thorough vacuuming here, a few broken windows replaced there, and you'll be set.

There must be even more lurking in the mansion, but for now, it seems like many of the doors are locked, and refuse to yield under even the mightiest of kicks. It seems you'll need an... especially skilled lock pick? The right key? Bobby Pins? To get Missiles before you can open red doors? To unlock some arbitrary Plot Flag before you can move the Doorlax blocking the road out of Lavender Town? It might be wise to prepare before you try investigating extra areas of the mansion; if you put your ear to the door, you can sometimes hear the faint, muffled rustling of Shadow Bugs (or maybe even something worse).

If you'd rather investigate the area outside the mansion, though, that seems to have plenty of potential, too. The grounds behind the mansion are a bit of an overgrown mess right now, but if you're willing to prune, you might find... hey, wasn't this the school's pool? How'd it get here? And isn't that the greenhouse over there?

Beyond the grounds, the island gives way to forest, of course -- you likely won't encounter anything there that you didn't encounter in the woods near the school before all this happened. But that also means berry trees, delicious woodland critters, fruits and roots and mushrooms. Aside from the mansion's running water, there are two freshwater sources on the island: the lake that was once near the school, and a little cove of sandy beach.

Search long enough, and you'll hit the edge of this Home Island. Careful: there aren't any safety rails and it's a long way down. Most of what you can see is a swirling, grey fog but there's vague outlines visible to those with keen eyesight. The very nearest one is completely visible, however. It's on the smaller side, and on it there can be seen some sort of grand structure, covered in lights. It looks very stadium-esque. It's near enough that you could maybe glide to it somehow or grapple to it, even if you don't have any flying abilities.

Further away, anyone with sharp eyes can juuust make out the tip of what might be Pele's volcano. A large landmass that appears to be home to a city can just barely be made out on the horizon to the west, but getting there will be trickier. There may well be more out there, but there are howling winds and mysterious clouds thick in the area, and there's a lot of ground to cover, so venturing out may be a difficult task.

(Map Acquired! Loading Minimap display...)

FOYER: do i need to put this it's a little entry place. wipe your feet don't get mud on the nice marble or hardwood or whatever

MAIN HALL: step past the foyer and you'll arrive here. A massive, wide-open space. Without electricity, it's lit only by the picture windows facing the front entrance, so streaked and dirty that they only allow in a muted glow of daylight. An impressive chandelier hangs overhead, and the spacious room is lined with old chairs hidden under dusty drop cloths. This room would be ideal for dances, perhaps, if one felt like having one. If not, well, it also houses a large staircase leading to the second floor and entrances to the rest of the mansion, so it's useful for plain old foot traffic as well.

DINING HALL: The tables here are sturdy and intact, but all upturned and scattered. This is one of the few well-lit rooms in the mansion: a domed skylight up on the ceiling lets in the sunshine, though it's filtered through a layer of leaves, twigs, and Assorted Roof Debris. Still, the light makes it a nice room to spend time in, and sometimes it's nice to have a communal meal or a quick easy bite to eat after a long scouting mission. Especially since Mach Pizza probably doesn't deliver to isolated floating islands...

KITCHEN: Now here's a facility that blows those teensy dorm kitchenettes out of the water. This is a kitchen clearly equipped for feeding a mansion-sized crowd. It's a little sad looking, with neither power nor a lick of groceries stocking it, but the gas on stoves works and the sinks have running water. The space is surprisingly modern, though the stainless steel has lost its shine under a coating of dust.

There's an impressively large pantry, currently home to a few dubious, label-less cans. Some of them look like they're kinda bulging. I dunno if you should take a chance with those. There's a walk-in freezer, too, though it's not all that freezing with the power off. A door in the back makes for a side entrance out to the mansion grounds. If there were a garden there instead of wild untamed weeds, that'd probably be pretty handy.

STUDY: If you miss the school library, this is probably a very melancholy place to visit. The room is lined with massive bookshelves, but they're conspicuously empty, save for cobwebs. All that's really of use here are a few cold, unlit oil lamps and a few sealed bottles of ink, I guess. If you like ink. I dunno, maybe you're a kid or a squid or something.

THEATER: This was probably an amazing looking place, back in the day. Red velvet chairs with plenty of leg room in between rows, a stage with both a red velvet curtain and a pull down screen available for either live action theater or screening movies. There's even a projector which could probably be coaxed into working with enough duct tape and kind words!

The upholstery may be a little tatty and the carpets are in need of a solid vacuuming. But at least there's no spilled popcorn or soda to get underfoot.

MUSIC ROOM: Ever see an Orchestra fight a tornado? Probably not. But here, at least, you can view what the aftermath of this sad occurrence may look like. There are instruments of every variety heaped in piles along with screeds and screeds of sheet music that will need to be organized if it's to be of any use. One wall is occupied by the biggest pipe organ you've ever seen, though! And with a little brass polish and some spare guitar strings, you might be able to tune this place up.

COMMUNAL BATH: Boy's side? Girl's side? Not in this bath house. It's going to need a pretty hard scrub before bathing in it will get you clean, though. Hot and cold running water are both in decent supply but there's.... stuff in the bath that may or may not growl at you if you approach it with a scrubbing brush and bottle of bleach. There's lockers for storing your clothes and shampoo and stuff, and those who are a little timid are more than encouraged to wear a pair of bathing trunks or other swimsuit attire!

DORMITORY COMMON SPACES: Both the east and west wings have these; they seem to be mirrored versions of one another.

COMMON ROOM: A cozy space for socializing. An old brick fireplace is the central feature here, with sofas and armchairs organized around the comforting warmth it affords. A few shelves have books and board games, to while away the hours, and there's plenty of space to add a TV, Blu-ray player, maybe some consoles. Of course, there aren't any there at present, but what do you expect from a mysterious ancient mansion?

LAUNDRY ROOM: Yep, communal laundry. There are several machines down here, at least, and they're not the coin-operated kind. Each floor has a laundry room, too. Despite the oldness of the mansion, these don't seem THAT old. Maybe they came from the school too?

TECH DUNGEON: There's a basement filled with old computers! Whoa, look at this stuff! It's got all kinds of names on it. RobCo, Fontaine Futuristics, something called a commo... dore...? Anyway, it's all jumbled up and in boxes. Who knows if this stuff even works? But maybe if a few Eggheads put their shells together, you could make something useful out of it. Like a network. (Just sayin'.)


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Each room has the basics to comfortably accommodate 1-2 people. A living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, a teensy kitchenette. Your school-supplied laptop's even here, though that's not worth much without any power. Better save that battery! There's definitely room for customizing your space, of course, and some rooms may vary just a bit. You may find an occasional grander chamber that can house a family of four in and of itself, or a secluded little room in a part of the mansion far from the residential wings that works well for the more private individual.


W1: Brawler dorms

BRAWLER TRAINING AREA: You want weights? We got 'em. If you were a regular in the weight room at the academy, you're going to recognize the majority of this equipment. We've got sandbags, we've got training dummies, we've got a pantry stocked with expired protein powder. There's a Boxing Ring, a Sumo Arena, and several general purpose areas for sparring or doing drills. There's even a book shelf containing some Martial Arts books which will be sure to add a little literary flair to your literally flaming fists of fury.

W2: Assist dorms

ASSIST TRAINING AREA: The largest training area of all. Such a varied class has a wide range of needs, after all! There's magical tomes, listing off spell after spell from white magic through to dark. There's computers for you techy types and a fully furnished (If under stocked.) apothecary for you potion crafters. There's a bunch of... pom poms and batons and scrolls containing what look to be Cheer Routines!? Hey, whatever works for you! There's also a huge chest off to one side that contain all kinds of miscellaneous boosts, buffs, power ups and even some power downs!


E1: Gunner dorms

GUNNER TRAINING AREA: Targets on the walls, targets on the ceiling, targets that can be thrown, targets that move on their own, targets that phase in and out of existence. What I'm trying to say is, we have a lot of targets. There's a gun range with hanging targets at the end of it that can be programmed to move however you like. And an armory stocked with pistols, bows, magic staffs that shoot elemental attacks and more.

Just be careful. It's all fun and games 'till you shoot your eye out.

E2: Swordfighter dorms

SWORDFIGHTER TRAINING AREA: An armory stocked with every pointy, jabby, stabby, cutty and swashbuckley thing you can imagine. Not to mention a lot of open space to practice on. Training dummies and automated flying gadgets that will test your skills as you try to slash them and not your fellow swordsmen. Someone even dragged an old pitching machine in here if you want to swing for the fences with that blade! Show those baseballs who's boss, and still be sharp enough to slice this tomato.

Within Mansion grounds you'll find a few locations of note. A large elaborate pool surrounded by a tall wall can be found immediately to the west of the Mansion. Beyond that you'll find a winding hedge-maze that exerts an odd pressure upon those who enter it. (Or maybe it's just your imagination?) Within the grounds there are also two smaller abandoned buildings to be used at the convenience of those looking to fix them up. One's just across the path form the pool and hedge-maze, the other on the west side of the property right before the massive fence that surrounds the grounds of the Mansion itself. And hey!  Check it out!  The Greenhouse somehow miraculously made it! There is a large cobbled driveway in front of the Mansion that surrounds an antique fountain and leads in a wider path towards the gates of the property.

Surrounding the Mansion and up to the very edge of the floating island there's very dense forest. Adventurers beware, all sorts of creatures may be roaming the woods, from Pokémon to Dodongo.(Any creature from any video game can be found here. It shouldn't work as an ecosystem, but don't tell them that.) Southwest of the Mansion there is a large cave where some minerals and resources can be gathered. Continuing south through the forest will lead you to a rather large lake that feels very familiar. A Kraken would look quite at home, here, despite how serene it is. What secrets lurk beneath that azure water? (Probably bits of Egg Carrier.) A beautiful scene nonetheless...

Further south still, the forest gives way to something decidedly more tropical. A dense rain forest circles a sandy cove with gently breaking waves and blue water... that flows straight off the cliff?! And yet the water never seems to get any shallower. In fact, it even has tides like you'd expect of an ocean. How does this work? We may never know.

And at the furthest point to the south of the island you'll find a very tall mountain range. It'll test even the most resilient of adventurers but surely you'll be able to get a good vantage point to what's out there... Or find surprises!

Beyond the edge of the island you'll notice that there's other things in the distance. At the beginning they'll be very hard to distinguish but as you uncover more of the secrets of the island you'll be able to discover more and more of your current universe. Are those more islands?! Only time and brave adventurers will tell.


Arriving at the island itself can happen in any way you can imagine, from literally waking up from that nice dream you were having and finding yourself under the trees near the Mansion, to crash landing into an enemy ship, seeing your life flash before your eyes and suddenly waking up in the infirmary of the Mansion. Whatever you decide, now you're here. What will you do?

Whatever you had in your immediate possession will be with you, including pets if you just can't bear to see your character separated from Fluffy and/or Rover. Some things might be missing, but that's up to you. It might give you purpose to go forth and explore in search of a precious locket or a prized artifact you lost.

As mentioned in the FAQ, you non-human types have the option to turn into a human or have a humanoid form and switch back and forth at will. The source of this newfound power is unknown but it varies from being to being and manifests in different ways and strengths depending on the character and it's up to the player to decide just how this effect works on their character. Does your character use an item? Meditation? Magic? Were they bitten by a rabid human under the light of a full moon? You decide!