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This is Smash's internal How's My Driving post, or character critique and feedback. Posting here is optional, but strongly recommended. Everyone wants to improve!


● No self crit, please!
● Post individually per character.
● Game HMD is not to talk about the players. It's to talk about their characters. Bring player concerns to moderator's attention here.
● Play nice. Be civil. Do NOT call names, insult anyone, or wage wank wars. Each player's view is their own and everyone has different interpretations. Offer solutions to problems you may have, if possible. Flaming will not be tolerated. Conversely, do not overreact to kind and civil crit, or whine and justify yourself for 20 comments.
● Please respect the level of criticism requested, and anonymous preferences.
● Do not delete your posts if you get angry at someone. If you would rather do this in a less public place, just post a link to your character's personal HMD and state your preference.
● If you feel any crit you get is too harsh or getting too personal, let a mod know and we'll handle it.
● Asspats are a-okay, but most people will also want crit.


Be gentle
For the tender little kittens. Light or no criticism. Positive comments are encouraged.
This, however, does NOT mean you won't get any criticism.

In-Between or Moderate
It is what it sounds like it is. In-between. Criticism is encouraged, but nothing too harsh. Positive comments are encouraged.

Understand this before choosing this option: This option opens you to just about anything anyone has to say (provided they follow the rules, of course). Do NOT choose this option unless you can handle harsh criticism. DO. NOT. I can not stress this enough. Manly men only. Criticism is incredibly encouraged.

Anonymous commenting is enabled, but this is a privilege, not a right. If it is abused, it may be disabled entirely.