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[ADVERTISE THE GAME & [personal profile] app_this_plz FORMS]


[community profile] smashrising is an RPG based on the Smash Brothers series of video games, but with a way bigger list of Brawlers available for play! If it's in a Video Game, it's Fair Game! There are Bi-Annual Tournaments and inter-house competitions to look forward to, exploration and slice of life elements, and an over-arching plot that will feature action, adventure, interaction with a myriad of game worlds, boss battles and more! Discover the secrets contained within the Mansion, the Isles, and the Multiverse itself. Sound fun?  Sure it does! So pick up your controller and get ready to SMASH!

Activity checks are extremely relaxed.

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If you just want to get your toes wet and see what we're like without apping, go ahead and pop in our own dressing room: [community profile] youre_smashing. Or you can just voice test and mess around, we don't mind. WE LOVE NEW PEOPLE. They get us excited like WOAH.


EVERYONE. Yeah, pretty much. All your game characters are belong to us...

MAIN SUPER SMASH BRAWLERS ! You know them, you love them, now bring them on over!

THE LAST OF US! Joel's feeling pretty grumpy lonely. He'd totally love an: Ellie, Tess or Tommy!

SUPER MARIO VERSE! Classic never die and we love them here! Bowser, Madam Flurrie and Rosalina could use some companionship in the form of other wonderful cast mates! Bring on your Brothers, your Koopalings, your Yoshis and Toads!

SONIC/SONIC BOOM! Our large crew from Sonic verse is always looking for more allies and enemies to join the Smash Rising Sonic cast! They're looking for any contenders, but one in particular is Sonic Boom!Knuckles! Where you at?

Calling all DARKSTALKERS! Jon Talbain may be missing his mates from all the corners of earth, all are welcome but he seems to be seeking a few in particular. Felicia, Morrigan, Sasquatch and B.B. Hood AWOOOO!

The POKEMON cast is HUGE and we are always on the lookout for more wonderful POKEMON OCS! Blue and Green would love a Red to finish out the og trio, but all other TRAINERS would be amazing! We want all of you! Side note:Psst you can also app TRAINER'S POKEMON check out Blue's roster for examples!

We got the ROCK but we're lacking the ROLL for our awesome MEGAMANS! Want to join our ever growing cast of robots with tude? We're looking for it all! In particular: Roll, Proto Man, Bass, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily or any other Robot Master or Mavericks that want to join up!

SHANTAE has a lot of dancing to do, but she needs her backup dancers! She'd love anyone from the series to join up!

Melia Antiqua is calling ALL XENOBLADES to join her cause! Bring your game and help her protect these lands!

SPLATOON! For such a fresh game we're sorely lacking some squids in our life! Splash on in with your: Squid Sisters, Spyke or any of your wonderful OC's!

There's a lack of Azerothian's that we're looking to fill so bring some WARCRAFT into our lives! Your Thall, Grom, Anduin, Zul'Jin, Garona,Aggra, Mekatorque, Stormrage bros, Varian, Chen, and OC's will find these lands an interesting adventure!

Papyrus is lacking his bro right now and there's always room for more monsters. Don't worry, no one's looking for LOVE. Bring your UNDERTALE bros over here! See the skies and the surface like never before!

Anything missing?! Of course! YOU ARE! Any wonderful game character you have, bring them along! We want them!