Jan. 7th, 2031

mansionstaff: (City Hand)
The dust settles, and the world's been broken apart.

Final Destination City was once a bustling place, famous for Smash Academy, a school that trained the elite in fighting, defense, basic calculus, and more. Now the land is splintered. A series of floating islands is all that remains, drifting through time and space. Now the people that find the place, willingly or not, must not only train themselves, but rebuild their fragmented home.

Smash Rising is a Super Smash Bros. based game for video game characters of all systems and origins. Want Goku to finally fight Mario and Sonic? Budokai counts, bring him along! We also accept video-game-based OCs like the Dragonborn, your Animal Crossing mayor, or a Goomba you've given a backstory to. No intricate Smash Bros. knowledge required.

We're an exploration game with slice-of-life elements, with character interactions developing the world around them. It's on their heads to keep their new home running smoothly while they work towards their goals, be it getting whatever it is they desire by dominating in tournaments or simply returning to where they came from.