mansionstaff: (Love Desu Hand)

This is a post where you can suggest either plot ideas, or anything you'd think would be fun to either improve the game, suggestions for events that you'd like to see happen or an event that YOU'D like (or like to see the mods) to run, and so on! We can't promise we'll make every single plot happen or reply to every post, but we absolutely do read everything that is posted here and take everything that is said into consideration. We'll do our best to accommodate everyone's ideas and concerns, and make this game better than ever before.

You can suggest anything you like, even that crazy dream you had one time, even things you think would never pass. If not here, we will also suggest that you toss up plot/game ideas into this month's Personals Post, as that is more of a public venue.

You can also use this post if you have comments about the game in general (things you think should be changed, added, taken away, etc.) or player concerns.

Anonymous comments are on (or you can post logged in) and all comments are screened by default, so this will be 100% confidential with us unless you want it otherwise. Feel free to mark your posts with "Reply to me with my comment still screened", "Reply to me in a pm", or "Make this post public if you wish."

Thanks a lot for your words, we really appreciate it!