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Before you reserve or hit "post"...

    ● Double check the acceptable series. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us.

    Rules. Just read 'em one more time. FAQ and Premise couldn't hurt either.

    ● Each reserve lasts two weeks. Reserves will lock your character in place for you and give you priority when we review.

    ● If you wish to get an extension, please ask before your time is up, otherwise it will be refused. The extension lasts for an additional week for a total of three weeks. Please talk to a mod if there is an extenuating circumstance where you might require more time.

    ● Unlike the app page, with the reserve page you are ALLOWED AND ENCOURAGED to post reactions and talk with your castmates! The player might have something else planned, different from what you do. Sometime this can make for a fun conflict! Sometimes it can be awkward. So it is a good idea to try and get in contact with your potential castmates! Most players aren't shy and would love to help you out. Plan things right here before the app gets sent in or just keysmash, be excited and welcoming, it's all good.

    ● Every now and then we'll clean out the old reserves, so if you see old ones disappear, we're just screening them so the page looks cleaner. If you'd like to see an old one in particular again for whatever reason, just ask a mod and we'll be glad to help you out.

    ● Remember, Pokemon are allowed, but only two per player and three of the same species in the game at any one time!

    ● Once you are ready to post your application, head on to the application post here.

● This is also the page to ask for your additional slot requests. Please post links showing your activity. Three to four samples per character with recent (the past two to three months) should be sufficient. Each player gets five slots from the get go. You are allowed to app three when you join the game, the fourth and fifth can be apped two weeks afterwards. If we feel you have not been active enough recently, we might tell you to play more before allowing you to app an additional character. This also applies for sixth and seventh slot requests.


The textarea box is normal to have. This is to make it easier for us to copy in the reserve list! Please keep it, it's not a mistake.



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